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Last updated: 03/03/2017
IMAGE - Animaux morts
Dead or injured animals

On a public property

Dead animal (pet or wildlife)
A resident can report the presence of a dead animal on a public road or a public property to the public works department regardless of whether the animal is a pet or a wild animal and regardless of its size.
The Town will make sure the carcass is taken care of and handled properly.

Injured pet
A resident can report an injured pet to animal control. The animal control will take the pet to a veterinarian.

Injured wildlife
A resident can call the wildlife protection officer.

On a private property

The Town cannot intervene on a private property. If a resident notices the presence of a dead animal on his/her property, he/she must call animal control at his/her own expense. Costs to get rid of a dead animal vary with the size and weight of the animal. Call animal control for more information.

Small animals (squirrels, skunks, etc.)
Disposal costs range between $25 and $100.

Big game (roe deer, deer, moose, etc.)
Disposal costs depend on the weight of the animal. For example, a deer may cost approximately $1.50 per pound.

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