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Last updated: 03/03/2017
IMAGE - Comité consultatif des aînés
Elder council

Creation of Saint-Lazare’s Elder Council

As part of the Municipal Family Policy and its senior-friendly municipality approach

On this photo: The Saint-Lazare residents who form the Elder Council.

From left to right: back row - Brigitte Asselin, Lise Jolicoeur, Pierre Arcand, Jean-Pierre de Groote; front row - Carole Marcoux, Lucette Fredette-Martin, Rosario Tudino and Huguette Lévesque.

Saint-Lazare (Québec), November 7, 2016 - The Town of Saint-Lazare is taking another important step regarding its Municipal Family Policy and senior-friendly municipality approach by creating an Elder Council (EC), one of the actions adopted as part of the MFP-SFMA. The creation of this committee is one of the 27 actions specifically targeting seniors included as part of the 2016-2018 action plan.

The volunteers met for the first time on Monday, September 19, 2016. They expect to hold at least four meetings during the year.

The Elder Council is not a decision-making committee but rather a think tank of sorts mandated with making suggestions that take into consideration the needs of this growing part of our population.

The Elder Council makes recommendations and offers possible solutions aimed at helping resolve issues that seniors must deal with in their everyday lives and ensure the well-being and personal growth of this segment of the population.

The council has now decided on its first mandate—to create a reception and integration process for seniors and new retirees.   

 Committee Members:

Lucette Frédette Martin

Resident of District 4

Jean-Claude De Groote      

Resident of District 6

Huguette Lévesque

Resident of District 2

Pierre  Arcand

Resident of District 6

Rosario Tudino        

Resident of District 4

Carole Marcoux

Resident of District 5

Lise Jolicoeur

Councillor, District 1

Brigitte Asselin

Councillor, District 3

Valérie St-Amant

Event Coordinator

Geneviève Hamel

Communications Director

For more information:

Committee duty

 This committee is not a decision-making committee but rather a committee that provides Town council with recommendations and possible solutions for:

  • dealing with issues encountered by seniors aged 60 yrs. and up in their daily lives,
  • encouraging:
    • Their physical, psychological, emotional and social autonomy;
    • Their integration, their implication.
  • Helping support vulnerable seniors.
This committee is a direct action from the senior-friendly municipality approach and municipal family policy.

Recruitment of members

The 2016-2018 committee is complete. However, you can still:

For additional information you may call 450 424-8000, ext. 246.

The next recruitment period is set for the fall of 2018.

Waiting list

Any waiting list will be managed to me the desired committee profile. The Town will select a new member in the same age, sex and district category or one that is not represented on the current committee, taking into account the date the application was submitted.

Committee composition

  • 2 Town employees
  • 2 elected officials
  • 6 residents aged 60 yrs. and up as follows (whenever possible):
    • 3 women:
      • 1 aged between 60 and 70 yrs. old
      • 1 aged between 71 and 80 yrs. old
      • 1 aged 81 yrs. and up
    • 3 men:
      • 1 aged between 60 and 70 yrs. old
      • 1 aged between 71 and 80 yrs. old
      • 1 aged 81 yrs. and up
  • At least one (1) representative from each district if possible

If the Town has the choice, the Town will select members taking into account:
  • The date the application was submitted;
  • The age category (the more diversified the better);
  • The sexual identity (3 men, 3 women);
  • The electoral districts (the most representation to cover the most issues across the territory).

Functioning / meetings

  • Members of the committee meet on average 4 times a year;
  • Meetings are usually held at night depending on the availability of the majority;
  • Meetings are held in French.

Term of office

The term of office of each member/resident is 2 years, with the exception of the first 2016-2018 mandate which spreads over a period of 2.5 years.

Elected officials

  • Mrs. Lise Jolicoeur, councillor, district 1
  • Mrs. Brigitte Asselin, councillor, district 3
  • The Mayor, Robert Grimaudo, is ex-officio member of this committee.
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