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Last updated: 03/21/2017
IMAGE - Dossiers politiques
Political issues

New Town Hall

Construction of a new town hall with community facilities

Consulter le dossier présenté lors de la séance d'information du 21 novembre 2015. Consult the document presented during the public meeting (French only)

SAINT-LAZARE, Québec, November 16, 2015. – Following the adoption of by-law number 966 which decrees an expense of $10,369,000 (and a loan of $9,369,000) to build a town hall which will include community facilities, the Town of Saint-Lazare invites all residents to attend an information session at the Saint-Lazare Community Centre (1301 Rue du Bois) on Saturday, November 21, at 10 a.m.                        

At this information session, residents will be able to consult the preliminary plans for the new town hall which will be unveiled by Mr. Étienne Taillefer, architect, LEED AP and senior partner of Massicotte, Dignard, Taillefer, Patenaude, atelier d’architecture. The members of Council and the heads of the various Town departments will be present to answer questions from residents.


New features: community facilities, accessibility and one single point of service!

The new building, which will be build at the exact same place of the existing town hall, will include facilities designed for use by community organizations under certain conditions. The building will be accessible for people with impaired mobility. And since it will house many Town departments, residents will have access to almost every municipal services in one location!  


Federal and provincial governements financial support

A financial support up to a maximum of $1,146,968 has been granted to the Town as part of Federal Gas Tax Fund Revenues and the Government of Québec’s contribution for infrastructures with community purposes. 


The current situation

The existing building does not meet the standards set by the Québec Construction Code. And it cannot be renovated, changed or extended to meet these standards. This former school was built in 1952 and it cannot house all the employees needed to smoothly run a town the size of Saint-Lazare. To address the shortage of office space, the Town presently rents space in a nearby building at the cost of approximately $200,000 per year and also uses temporary buildings.


The construction of a new town hall has been on the list of municipal projects since 2006 and is included in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Three-Year Capital Expenditure Program.

Sanitary sewer system

December 23, 2015 - Notice to inform of progress to build a new sanitary sewer network (domestic) on the following streets : Frontenac, Radisson, Dutchy, Duhamel, de la Paix, des Pins, Brunet, une partie du chemin Sainte‐Angélique, de la Sapinière, des Plaines, de la Bouleraie, une partie du chemin Saint‐Louis et une partie de la route de la Cité-des-Jeunes.

April 27, 2015 - Preliminary schedule to build a new sanitary sewer network (domestic) on the following streets : Frontenac, Radisson, Dutchy, Duhamel, des Pins, Brunet, une partie du chemin Sainte‐Angélique, de la Sapinière, des Plaines, de la Bouleraie, une partie du chemin Saint‐Louis.

Downtown Revitalization

Information session on downtown revitalization
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.
Community Centre (1301 Rue du Bois)

The Saint-Lazare urban planning and infrastructure department invites residents and local businesses to an information and consultation session on the future of Rue Poirier in the larger scheme of Saint-Lazare’s downtown core revitalization project this Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Centre (1301 Rue du Bois ).

This initiative is consistent with Council’s wish to consult the population on issues that shape our community, more specifically in this case, the future and vision of the downtown core, its attractiveness and the protection of our collective heritage.

The evening will be animated by representatives of the BC2 and Demarcom firms which specialize in business development strategy, urban design and town attractiveness. Mr. Michel Collins, Pierre Laflamme and Yves Perron will explain the importance of acquiring land on Rue Poirier in the scheme of Saint-Lazare’s downtown core revitalization project. Input received during the session will be included in a report.

Francis Grenier, event coordinator
450-424-8000 ext. 283

Dunes Lake: a promise of land exchange to save the forest

SAINT-LAZARE (Québec), Tuesday, March 11, 2014.
Saint-Lazare Mayor, Robert Grimaudo, announced yesterday, following the Council meeting, a land exchange promise between the City, Habitations Robert Inc. and Investissements Aloès Inc. This agreement comes at the end of a long-winded negotiating process to protect the forest surrounding Dunes Lake and expand the Parc naturel de la Tourbière-du-Bordelais as much as possible, while maintaining the lowest possible transaction costs including applicable taxes. 

“Saint-Lazare residents have long-voiced to Council their wish to protect green spaces and that is what we have been working towards. While doing so, we always keep in mind, and favor, government grants, land exchanges or ecological gifts where possible. The land exchange promise we signed with Habitations Robert Inc. and Investissements  Aloès Inc. will allow the City to receive 82 819,2 square metres of land which amounts to the wooded area surrounding Dunes Lake in exchange for 29 934,40 square meters from the Town’s Park Fund. We are working hand in hand with our partners to finalize the transfer in the next few weeks. Once the transfer concludes, a steering committee and consulting committee will be set up to ensure proper management of this green space. Council will hold a public consultation on the future of the park.”

The mayor reassured those present at the council meeting that the park’s safety will figure amongst the Town’s main priorities. “Becoming the sole owner of this area will make it much easier for the Town to intervene and reinforce the by-laws, said the Mayor. For years, residents have asked us to intervene. Now, we’ll finally be able to. »

The conservation of Dunes Lake’s forest ties in perfectly with the global vision to preserve and protect Saint-Lazare’s natural heritage for the benefit of the entire community and for future generations.

A few words on the Parc naturel de la Tourbière-du-Bordelais

This 8,000 year-old hidden secret was brought to the attention of the Town and the public in 2001 when it was about to be destroyed for the extension of Rue du Bordelais. A living laboratory for McGill University teachers and their students for numerous years, the bog is home to many rare species of plants and amphibians. In 2004, after the signing of an agreement between the real estate developer, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks and the Town, the bog was transferred to the Town. It was in 2006, following the provincial government’s request that all towns proceed to the wetland characterization of their territory that the Bordelais bog was officially classified as having the highest conservation priority. It was awarded a $150,000 grant by the Fondation Hydro-Québec pour l’environnement for its protection and rehabilitation. The Town matched that amount to ensure its future and protection.

Any question can be addressed to the Communications department at

View the aerial map and the plan of the lands

Lac des Dunes

In Spring  2013, the Municipal Council adopted By-law #844 authorizing an expenditure of  $1,280,500 and a loan of $1,080,500  for the purchase of lots in lac des Dunes area. Following the registry hold on April 23, 2013 and considering the number of signatures, the Municipal Council withdrew By-law #844.

Subsequently, on June 4, 2013, the Municipal Council took further action and announced the possible adoption of By-law #914. This called for a loan for the acquisition of these same lots, but with a reduced tax base. Each owner of a building included in the tax base was advised by letter.

At its meeting of July 2, 2013, the Municipal Council withdrew By-law #914 authorizing an expenditure of $1,280,500 and a loan of $1,136,500 for the acquisition of lots in Lac des dunes sector. Accordingly, the Council has suspended all steps towards its implementation.  

Notice of reserve respecting certain lots in the Lac des dunes area enabling the Municipality to proceed to possible expropriation of the lots by April 5, 2014, is maintained.


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