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Last updated: 03/03/2017
IMAGE - Toilette à faible débit
Low Flush Toilet

Refund for the purchase of a low-flow toilet

Would you like to replace your old toilet with a more eco-friendly water-saving one? We are offering financial assistance to encourage the replacement of standard toilets with low-flow toilets which use 6 litres or less per flush.  Through this programme, the Town hopes to promote the responsible consumption of drinking water.

Attention: It is mandatory to provide a photo of the old toilet while its installed, and before replacing it by a new toilet to get the subsidy.

Up to 2 toilets per household will be eligible for a subsidy of $50 per toilet.

The purchase of the low-flow toilet and the submission of the application for financial assistance must be made before December 15 of the current year.  

To obtain a refund

You must fill out an application on-line.

In step 2, in the Details section, under Request category, select Housing, Urban Planning and Environment.  Under Type of request, select Low-flow toilet (refund). In the Description of the application box, simply enter Refund Request.

In step 3, attach the following documents:

  • the invoice for the toilet ;
  • a photo of the standard toilet taken  at its original location, before  its replacement;
  • a photo of the low-flow toilet installed to replace the old toilet.


The Town must receive your application before  December 15 of the current year. A refund cheque will be issued within 90 days of the submission of the application.  

*The old toilets must, as much as possible, be disposed of at an eco-centre.

For more info, consult the policy (in French only).

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