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Last updated: 04/17/2018
IMAGE - Rinçage des réseaux d’aqueducs
Aqueduct network flushing

Yearly flushing schedules

Sainte-Angélique aqueduct network
Each year, the Town proceed to the complete flushing of this network in 2 phases, usually:
1) in the fall:  east of Rue du Bordelais and Montée Saint-Robert.
2) in the spring: west of Rue du Bordelais and Montée Saint-Robert.

Saddlebrook and Saint-Louis networks 
Twice a year, the Town proceed to the complete flushing of these networks, usually during spring and fall.

What's the purpose of flushing?

This unidirectional flushing operation aims to remove undesirable sediments from the pipeline network to ensure quality drinking water at all times. For the flushing to be effective, the water is only allowed to flow in one direction within the system to numerous selected hydrant flushing points, which explains why the work may span over a (3) three-week period.

The operation may temporarily affect the clearness and the pressure of the water. For this reason, we ask residents with unusually cloudy water to let their taps run for a few minutes (until the situation is restored). It is highly recommended to verify the clearness of the water before doing the laundry and even to postponed this task after 5 p.m.

During the next flushing operation, if you notice abnormal situations, do not hesitate to contact the public works department.

Flushing notices

Flushing notices are announced as adds in one local English and one local French newspaper as well as an e-notice in our newsletter and Facebook page

To find out which network services your property, view the map.

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