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Last updated: 03/03/2017
IMAGE - Aide financière directe et indirecte – Organismes
Direct and indirect financial assistance – Organisations

Direct and indirect financial assistance – organisations

a).   Deadline for application requests:

Requests must be filed in person or using the online form before the event, project or expense takes place and AT LEAST 15 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE DATE OF A COUNCIL MEETING.

  b).   Eligible organizations: 

  • Registered non-profit organization (NPO)
  • Public school
  • Healthcare facility (operations) 

 c).   Eligible activities and projects:  

  • Creation of a non-profit organization
  • Educational pathway program or project
  • Acquisition of sporting equipment for schools  
  • Municipal event partnership  
  • Participation in a regional project  
  • Operation of a healthcare facility  

 d).   Eligible amounts:  

  • $200 for partnership with a municipal event  (for example, during the winter festival, Au Galop festival, Cyclo-tour, etc.)
  • $300 for the creation of a non-profit organization
  • To mark the academic performance, contribution or hard work of a specific student or several students: 
    • $300 maximum per year and per eligible high school
    • $100 maximum per year and per eligible elementary school, for a total of no more than $600 per year
    • accompanied by promotional articles individually valued at a maximum of $25
    • the amount can be divided among several students and the cheques will be made out to the students themselves. The students must be residents of Saint-Lazare. Please provide the name of each student and describe their particular contribution or achievement.  
  • 50% of a maximum cost of $10,000 for the acquisition of sporting equipment by the Trois-Lacs or Lester B. Pearson school board

 e).   Material resources and technical support:  

  • Use of the Town’s facilities
  • Human resources (security, blue-collar workers, street marking, ground marking, street cleaning, delivery, clean-up, pick-up, installation, etc.)  
  • Material resources (e.g.: tables, tents, security vests, audio/sound systems, chairs, etc.)
  • Publishing of information using the Town’s communication tools (billboards/signage, newsletters, etc.)

f).  Approval process:  

  • The organization must submit a request by the required deadline using the form provided below
  • The request will be reviewed by the Council
  • A decision will be provided to the applicant following a council meeting

g).  Online request form : 

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