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Last updated: 03/03/2017
IMAGE - VTT et motoneiges
ATVs and snowmobiles

The use and parking of these vehicles is strictly prohibitedon public properties (roads, parks and other municipal land as well as recreational trails), except on the official trails. Fines can be issued to those who do not respect the by-law.

In case of an infraction, patrol officers, selected among members of accredited clubs (Club Équestre Les Forestiers, Club des Motoneigistes Harfang des Neiges, Club QUAD des Trois Lacs and Base de plein air Les Cèdres) are authorized to enforce the sections pertaining to the By-Law No 637 and to issue tickets equivalent to a driving offence. A complete copy of the regulation is available on the Town’s Web site at or at the Town Hall for $0.36 / page. The fine is set at a minimum of $100 plus a $38 administration fee. Please note that each infraction represents a separate fine for each section of the By-Law.

For additional information, dial 450 424-8000, extension 221.

Using the trails in La Pinière
Here’s an extract of By-Law No637 on the duties and obligations of the citizens towards community life (By-Law regarding order, security and the opening and closing hours of municipal parks). A complete copy of the regulation is available at the Town Hall for $0.34 / page. Only pedestrians and members of a body accredited by the Ville de Saint-Lazare and the Municipalité de Saint-Clet can circulate in La Pinière.

By-Law No 637 >>>

Please note that the By-Laws are only available in French.

Here are a few rules to follow when using the trails in La Pinière:

It is forbidden to:

·  Enter, park or ride a car in La Pinière;
·  Enter or leave the trails anywhere else than through the exit planned for that specific purpose;
·  Damage or destroy any municipal property;
·  Climb cliffs, walls, equipment, trees, shrubs, lampposts, lanterns, fences or any other similar elements;
·  Smoke in La Pinière;
·  Carry, drink or sell alcoholic beverages ;
·  Carry a dagger, knife, slingshot, bow, pistol, explosive, catapult gun or any other similar weapon, with the exclusion of police officiers in the performance of their duties;
·  To light a fire, make use of firecrackers, fireworks or other;
·  Throw, dispose of, leave paper, boxes, any packaging or newspaper anywhere else but in the bins provided for that purpose;
·  Affix signs, signboards without prior authorization from Saint-Lazare’s Service des loisirs;
·  To disturb public peace.
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